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PragICTS is a specialist bespoke ICT services company in Sri Lanka. We provide personalized IT services relating to software development, provisioning, and management of IT infrastructure and the cloud.

From our humble beginnings with a few laptops, a room, and a ton of confidence, hopes, and dreams; we have had a challenging journey with our bag full of aches, pains, challenges, failures, and successes. Our resolve and confidence to learn and succeed made our progress to this juncture where we can keep our heads straight and let our clients and assignments represent us.

We are technology agnostic, pragmatic, innovative-centric, and solution-focused. We look beyond the noise and the hype, consider and evaluate all pertinent options and understand our client's context, and need to articulate the most pertinent solutions.

Right people, capabilities, values, environment, culture, and leadership form a context for the infusion of passion, innovation, and content. We make constant efforts to nourish and sustain a #1 team, environment, and culture for values, innovation, teamwork, passion, and fun. We also take work-life balance as a top priority to enable a sustainable team with passion, focus, and the drive to deliver solutions and services which delivers all the time.

Why PragICTS ?

Our Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

Why Us?


A pragmatic and technology-agnostic approach to software engineering.

Track Record

Deliverables can be demonstrated for their rationale, engineering, results, quality, and value.


Assertable client base on competency, integrity, and affinity.


#1 close-knit team with an unblemished record. Apt + Experience + Integrity


Costs are constantly optimized through engineering, execution, and open technologies for sensible pricing and value creation.

One Stop

Comprehensive service portfolio to provide ICT services and solutions under one roof.


The cornerstone to our success and sustainability. We make every concerted effort to ensure customer delight and intimacy.



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