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pragicts-The Context For eCommerce
31 Oct-2020


The Context For eCommerce

There is no foreseeable control or ending to the raging global pandemic. This is driving the need and realization for online fulfillment and convenience.

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pragicts-Divergent Perspectives - Internet/eCommerce Statistics
28 Oct-2020


Divergent Perspectives - Internet/eCommerce Statistics

The Internet connects the world's population like no other alternative. The numbers are staggering and provide unimaginable opportunities for those who are bold, brave, and creative.

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pragicts-IOT - The Next Frontier Of Online Expansion
30 July-2020


IOT - The Next Frontier Of Online Expansion

The mobile is taking the Internet accessibility to the remaining frontiers of the global population.Initiatives such as Tesla's Star-link project aims for global accessibility of high-speed internet at affordable rates. Cloud based computing is making it possible for ubiquitous real-time computing capability.

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