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Quality is fundamental to PragICTS.

It is key to our value proposition, differentiation and who we are. We expect quality in all that we do, across all considerations, decisions, actions, communications, engineering and deliverables. It is fostered from the very inception and continuously reviewed and improved upon. It can never be an afterthought.

We uphold a collective responsibility to ensure the consistent delivery of quality.

    • Quality at PragICTS is ensured though the following key elements


      In recruitment we focus on capability and integrity.

      Work is primarily based on tasks and each task is assessed right throughout and at completion by both self and supervisor. These ratings are used for reviews, self correction, guidance and training. We strive to be the company for engineering, remuneration and holidays to ensure a right balance is maintained for a healthy work life balance, innovation and throughput.


      We only undertake what we can deliver 100%.

      We give priority and weight to gain clarity in customer requirements prior to initiating engineering. In engineering we focus on articulating sensible solutions. We have an engaged and an iterative approach with the customer to ensure that they are in sync from the very inception until they are provided with the solution they seek for.


      We maintain systems to facilitate a seamless execution and maintain checks and balances to ensure a constant delivery to customer expectations.


      We keep things simple and constantly review our processes for improvements. We maintain minimum documentation, hierarchy, systems and bureaucracy to enable to stay focused on customer deliverables.