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Our services are articulated and constantly reviewed for effectiveness, quality and customer delight.Services are delivered by professionals with relevant expertise & experience. Quality is ensured through pragmatic processes, engaged customer interactions, multi-tier reviews/oversight, regular customer feedback, engineering standards, and the deployment of standards-based technologies.

Our impeccable track record and the reference-able client base is a testament to these assertions.


Software consulting relating to software strategy, engineering, rationalization, migration, and optimization.

2Website (Online Presence Implementations)

Full responsive online presence strategy, conceptualization, and implementation including website design and development, SEO, Social Platform Implementation and Integration and Online marketing. Online marketing-related initiatives are executed though our fully owned partnering company IEdgeCa (www.iedgeca.com) IEdgeCa

3Web Browser-Based Applications

Web browser-based application engineering for both enterprise and Internet-scale including management and support.

4eCommerce Applications

eCommerce application design, engineering, management and support.

5Web Browser-Based Applications

Software engineered to your exact needs for extensibility, usability, and throughput. The types of applications we can engineer includes web browser, mobile or native/rich client (Windows) based applications for enterprise and internet-scale deployments.

6Rich Client Applications

Microsoft Windows-based Native UI/Rich Client based application engineering, management, and support.

7Mobile Applications

Mobile-based application engineering for both Andriod and Apple OS including management and support.


Consulting relating to IT infrastructure strategy, design, implementation, rationalization, optimization, security, availability, scalability, and backup.

2Infrastructure Management

If your IT is not part of your core business focus, performs a critical function for the success of your business, is a considerable cost center and don't have top tier expertise for a professional due diligence; We provide you with tier-1 expertise, experience and capacity to align and manage your IT for optimum results and cost savings (cost + performance + availability + security). We can provide these services on on-premise, on-demand, remote, hybrid or bespoke models to cater for your specific needs

3Infrastructure Rationalization

We can rationalize and align your IT infrastructure to minimize operational cost and effort through refactoring, right technologies including software and cloud services.


Network (Wired and Wireless including fiber) strategy, design, implementation, optimization, upgrade, security, management, and support.


Security strategy, design, implementation, management and support including firewall setup, configuration, optimization, and support.

6Data management

Data management (on-premise, Offsite and DRS) strategy, design, implementation, management and support.

7Performance Management

IT infrastructure and systems require constant monitoring and management to maintain at the optimum level. Through PragICTS you can ensure your infrastructure and systems are kept up to date including its health.

8Backup and Recovery

We can help you automate and manage your corporate data is backed up and secured from data loss, theft, and recovery.


Virtualization strategy, desigm, implementation, management and support including firewall setup, configuration, optimization and support.

1Cloud-Based Application Platform Management

This includes provisioning, configuration, management and support of Cloud-based application platform management such as Google Apps, Microsoft 365 Business, Yahoo Small Business, Egnyte, Amazon Cloud Drive, etc.

2Cloud Environment Management

This includes provisioning, configuration, management and support of Cloud-based environments from providers such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, etc.


Consulting pertaining to your cloud strategy, business alignment, migration/transformation, implementation, management, and support.