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Software solutions are engineered by PragICTS for performance, scalability, security, device interoperability, functionality, and usability (UI/UX experience). These software solutions can be further tailored to the specific needs of the customer to have a perfect fit and match with integration to other 3rd party software systems of the customer. All software is engineered using an open-source technology stack for platform interoperability, cost, performance, scalability, security, and extensibility


Tier-1 eCommerce implementation for online shopping using open-source established and proven frameworks from OpenCart, Magento, PrestaShop, Zen Cart, XCart, Bagisto. We also provide comprehensive customization services on the platforms to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

For fuller Information refer to eCommerce at www.ecommerce.pragicts.com

Pay : Online Invoicing and Payment Platform

Pay by PragICTS enables you to raise invoices and enable your customers to pay online from any location-time-device. Pay is a secure, platform-neutral technology and enables integration with any global or local payment gateway provider. The platform can be tailored to your specific needs.

For fuller Information refer to the Pay website at www.pay.pragicts.com

Smiley : Online Customer Sentiment Management Platform

Smiley by PragICTS enables to you deploy a tab-based online platform to capture customer sentiments at all customer touchpoints across any number of locations with even a global, regional or local geographical distribution. Centralized management dashboard enables to track live all the customer sentiments as it is recorded. Customer sentiments provide you with an early warning system before things take a negative and a sour turn.

For fuller Information refer to the Smiley website at www.smiley.pragicts.com

Pulse : Online Feedback Platform

In this day and age, a single online negative comment can spark a tsunami and create a situation for the competition to capitalize on. Recovery in most instances will be tainted with permanent scars. Pulse by PragICTS provides you with a comprehensive online feedback platform to keep a tab on your performance with the relevant stakeholders. Provides you with a live dashboard for prompt corrective action. Pulse can form the foundation for enabling culture for performance and customer delight.

For fuller Information refer to the Pulse website at www.pulse.pragicts.com

Cognizant : HCM Platform Framework

Cognizant provides you with an HCM framework for bespoke HCM (Human Capital Management) functionality implementation. The platform can be tailored to your specific needs.

For fuller Information refer to the Cognizant website at www.cognizant.pragicts.com

Vault : Online Credential Management Platform

Software security credentials are still stored and managed in most primitive ways including memorizing, storing in less secure media, paper, etc. The Vault by PragICTS provides you with a multi-layered and secured software platform that can be installed on-premise, cloud, and hybrid setups for the secure storage and management of all your software credentials. This also enables you to define strong lengthy passwords and renew them regularly with ease. Designated staff can access these from any location with 2-step verification on top of the login process.

For fuller Information refer to the Vault website at www.vault.pragicts.com