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How we support you.

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We are here and our successes are all due to our valued customers. We are here to serve them to the fullest of our capacity. In this regard how we support them is #1 to us. PragICTS has an established support apparatus to provide convenient, focused, responsive, and dedicated support to its client. The support services are established as follows Multi-channel dedicated contact touchpoints for clients to raise their support requests

It is recommended that all requests be raised through emails will be responded to within 10 minutes of receipt of email. All emails received are auto-forwarded to the key personnel as follows for redundancy and immediate actioning

Support Centre

  • HOD Support
  • Support Personnel

HODs Service Verticals

  • HOD Software Engineering Services
  • HOD Systems Integration Services
  • HOD Cloud Services

Also copied to the

  • CEO

The first staff member to receive the support request will respond with immediate effect with CC to On completion of the support request, the customer will be informed with a formal email, SMS notification of the completion of the request.


PragICTS also provides clients with dedicated contact details for escalations pertaining to their service requests

General Service Level Parameters of PragICTS Support

Phone Call Answer: 30s Return calls on missed calls:15min
Email Emails confirmation of receipt: 10min
General Staff allocation on support requests: 15min For critical support requests: Immediate

  • The customer will be informed of the allocation by the allocated staff.
  • Once the investigation pertaining to the issue is completed, the issue resolution timeline will be informed to the customer through email
  • A follow-up will be done with the customer to ensure that is addressed to his/her satisfaction.

Monthly Report

  • A month-end report will be sent to all customers on support activities on the last working days of the month.
  • This will also include recommendations and observations.

Quarterly Customer Meetings

  • A quarterly meeting will be held with the customer by the relevant HOD of PragICTS for feedback and review for the quarter.
  • All issues raised and discussed will be addressed and an update will be provided to the customer this will also be incorporated into the month-end support report.


Why Us?


Dedicated personnel and systems to provide quality support with dedicated apparatus.


Handled at a company level than at an individual level.

Ease of Reach

Reach through email and phone.

Continuous Supervision

Under constant and regular review to track and improve performance and service level

Professional Staff

Capable and well-trained staff to handle support requests.

Standard Driven

SOP and SLA based operation for constant delivery of services

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